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How to buy instagram followers

Wherever you spit on the Internet, you will find yourself in a service offering to buy live subscribers on Instagram. Let’s think about how effective the purchase of Instagram subscribers is, and is there an alternative to this promotion method?

What is the salt?

One search query – and tons of sites are lying on you offering you to buy cheap instagram followers. Sellers and options are different, but they all promise the same thing – cheap and lively followers. Having bought a thousand or two followers, you will become a real baron, to which advertisers will line up, like for scarce oranges.

How to do it?

Buying followers on Instagram is easy. You just need to find several services, compare prices for the desired number of subscribers and choose the option that suits you. You can buy from 50 Instagram followers to several thousand, and some services sell them at once for two million. Tariffs for services vary, we advise you not to skimp: sellers assure that the quality of more expensive subscribers is higher.

Narrow the range of service choices by looking at user reviews. If it exists for a long time, it will not be difficult to do so.

Having chosen a suitable service, carefully study the terms of use of the selected service. Some of them allow subscribers to disappear after a while, or that you give permission to send spam to your ‘organic’ followers. Make sure you are satisfied with all the points. After that, select the tariff you need, specify the account login to which users subscribe, and pay for the purchase. For payment, use reliable payment systems such as PayPal or Webmoney. So the seller will not be able to find out the details of your payment card.

After some time, users will begin to follow you on Instagram.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Subscribers

First of all, you can buy Instagram subscribers to make your account more attractive. A profile with a large number of followers definitely looks more advantageous from the outside.

Buying is the fastest way to win subscribers, playing in the short term and bringing results instantly in full.

It is also cheap, because you do not need to spend a lot of money on the services of a content manager and paying for all the utilities that he uses to work. Pay once and you’re done.


All raspberries are spoiled by Instagram account indexing algorithms: now accounts are considered popular not only with a high number of subscribers, but also with high involvement. So to buy followers on Instagram does not mean to advance, because:

  • Cheap subscribers can easily turn out to be bots that will not show any activity on your account;
  • Even if the subscribers are live, no one guarantees you their activity: these may be unreachable users (who simply do not see your content due to the huge number of subscriptions);
  • Subscription services do not “pick” users with special interests: they will sell you random users, while only your target audience will be well involved – people who are really interested in your services.

Thus, the purchase will bring you thousands of subscribers, “dummies.” What they are, what they are not – your account will not become more popular among others on Instagram. Quite the contrary – engagement may even fall, as the number of followers will increase, and likes and comments will not change.


Instead of “accepting” users subscribing to your account, it will be more productive to “invite” them to yourself, provoking subscribing to you. It’s exactly this way that mass follow works: you subscribe to users – they go to look at your account – those interested subscribe to you in response.

The massfolding process can be streamlined using the Instarget service. The service can not only subscribe to users, but also like / comment on their publications, send Direct messages. Unsubscribe capabilities and smart algorithms will protect your account from the ban, and many settings for targeting users will help you get exactly to the target audience. Instarget also offers simple statistics – you can track the growth of your Instagram account.


Buying followers on Instagram is easy, but buying active subscribers is how to get Google+ up from your knees. Cheating in this way will not bring much benefit and may even harm the promotion of your account – a large number of non-commenting and not liking you followers will negatively affect the engagement rate.

How to risk buying Instagram followers, you can grow your account using massfollowing, which easily automates Instarget. With its settings, you can safely attract exclusively target audience to your account.

But if you decide to buy subscribers, follow the above precautions to avoid fraud.


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